After Surgery Compression Ice Packs in Caldwell and Florham Park, NJ

NJ Center for Oral Surgery Compression Ice Packs can help to improve your comfort after your oral surgery treatment, and help lessen recovery time.

After Surgery Compression Packs

Benefits if Using Our Compression Ice Packs:

Soft, Comfortable Compression:

Our incredibly comfortable surgical head wrap, stabilizes and supports your jaws after oral surgery. The flexible compression garment is super comfortable, incredibly soft and does not pinch or rub.

Integrated and Reusable Ice Packs Included:

This wrap is specifically designed for oral surgery and has pockets designed for ice packs. This holds ice securely to the surgical areas while you recover and sleep.

One Size Fits All:

This compression wrap is a simple and easy to wear after your surgery. The soft, elastic material is fully adjustable with Velcro. This wrap sits snugly around your jaws.

After Surgery Ice PacksShorten Surgery Recovery Time:

Correct ice application after surgery will significantly reduce post operative swelling and pain. This compression jaw wrap helps to improve blood circulation, minimize swelling after the procedure.

Multiple Uses:

This compression ice wrap can also be use on other areas of the body such as neck, legs, arms and shoulders.

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