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Searching for an oral surgeon the day my wisdom teeth were supposed to be pulled out by a different doctor who happen to call out sick 15 minutes before i was schedule to see him which left me in pain and not knowing what to do. I have search and called many other doctors and finally found the NJ center of oral surgery. They had me at "Come in immediately". They did not say they couldn't see me or come in another 2 weeks. They took me in as an emergency patient, yes it did take a while to be seen since they did have a schedule to uphold but it was well worth the wait. I met with Dr. Jacobs who explained everything in detail and took a few x rays and then finally said, "We can get this done today". Moving along, after the surgery was finally done and I woke up and he briefed my wife and I, he personally walked me out to the car which had the ultimate impact on my day, not all doctors do this. He has my respect for life.

- Eli E

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