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Where do I begin? For years I had been putting off my wisdom teeth surgery because of such horrible experiences I had heard about the procedure. When it became time to finally get the procedure done, I was dreading the experience. This experience that I was so fearful of could not have been any further from the true experience I had with Dr. Kirsch's office. From the first time I called, they were friendly, efficient, and incredibly responsive (they were even more responsive than I was, which was amazing to see). I had my consultation on March 4, 2021, which was handled very efficiently and very safely (regarding the COVID-19 pandemic). Dr. Kirsch explained my options clearly and we decided that I should remove all four of my impacted wisdom teeth. Promptly after, I met with the schedule person, and she helped me choose a date for my surgery that worked with my schedule. (I was in and out of the consultation with a surgery date in roughly 30 minutes, which was fantastic considering how busy my personal schedule is). On Friday, March 12, I went in for my surgery. I have never seen such an efficient process in a doctor's office in my entire life. Within minutes, I finished filling out my paperwork was being prepped by the incredibly professional staff. I met Dr. Kirsch in the operating chair and he, as well as everyone else on his team, made me feel very comfortable as I was going under conscious sedation for the first time. The entire surgery took roughly 60 minutes and honestly felt like a routine dentist's visit (from what I remember). When it was time to leave, I was helped to my ride by one of Dr. Kirsch's staff members where she clearly explained to both me, and my guardian, the proper protocol for the first few hours of recovery. Within those first few hours, Dr. Kirsch called to check on how I was feeling, and against everything I had heard in the past, I was feeling great. I had very minor pain the first day, but by Sunday I felt as if I never even had surgery. The next week, Dr. Kirsch's office once again checked up on me to ask how my recovery was going, something I very much appreciated. I could not be more grateful for the efficiency and professionalism showed by Dr. Kirsch and his staff throughout the entire process of my wisdom teeth extraction. If I ever need additional oral surgery, I know where I will be getting it done, for I can be guaranteed I will be in good hands.

- Christopher L

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