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If you have missing teeth and you’re looking to restore your smile and oral health, the oral surgeons at NJ Center for Oral Surgery offer multiple dental implant options. However, with the many implant options available, it’s not uncommon for patients to feel overwhelmed and even a bit confused when planning their care. Faced with many choices, patients often turn to us for advice on which treatment is right for them. 

At NJ Center for Oral Surgery, Dr. Kirsch, Dr. Jacobs, and Dr. Zambetti treat each case uniquely. There’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to dental implants. We recognize that this is a significant investment in our patients’ lives, and we’re here to guide you toward the best solution for your oral health.

What Is All-On-4, 5, and 6?

All-On-4, 5, and 6 refer to using a strategic number of dental implants to achieve a full arch of replacement teeth. This revolutionary treatment can provide you with a sturdy, functional, and natural-looking smile. If you were told you don’t qualify for traditional dental implants due to bone loss and need bone grafting to increase your candidacy, All-On-4, 5, and 6 make use of your jawbone structure.   

Benefits of Full Arch Dental Implants 

When compared with other tooth replacement options, the All-On-X procedure has many advantages including:

  • Receiving a same-day set of teeth
  • Beautiful, natural aesthetics
  • No food restrictions
  • Strong and reliable restoration
  • Stops bone loss from occurring
  • Improves self-confidence

The Process

During your initial consultation, one of our oral surgeons will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth, take X-rays and impressions, review your medical and dental history, and discuss your smile goals. This allows them to determine how many implants you may need. 

The truth is that the number of implants that you need to anchor your overdenture depends on the specifics of your case. Every patient is different. Some factors we consider are:

  • How much stability do you need (the more implants, the more stability)
  • How much bone structure do you have (six implants require more bone density than five or four)
  • Level of difficulty
  • Missing teeth location
  • Your general health

Similar to a single dental implant procedure, our oral surgeons will begin by placing the set number of implants into your jawbone. We’ll provide you with a temporary restoration, allowing you to have a temporary full smile while you heal. Once you’ve fully healed, typically after three months, you’ll return to either our Caldwell or Florham Park dental office for your permanent prosthetic. In most cases, patients will receive an overdenture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are implant-supported dentures?

Implant-supported dentures like All-on-4, 5, or 6 combine dental implant technology with dentures to replace a full row of teeth at once. The process starts with the placing of four to eight dental implants and then attaching a special denture to them. 

Overdentures are an excellent solution for patients who are missing many teeth. They look and function just like natural teeth, and have none of the inconveniences that traditional dentures do like slippage, food restrictions, and removal during sleep.

How long does All-On-4, 5, or 6 last?

All-On-4, 5, or 6 dental implants can last for many years, although your restoration may need to eventually be addressed due to normal wear and tear. To ensure its longevity, we recommended practicing good oral hygiene, visiting your dentist for routine cleanings and exams, and scheduling appointments at our Caldwell or Florham Park office to ensure your restoration is in excellent shape.

Will I need bone grafting for All-On-X?

If you’re suffering from bone resorption, you may still be able to receive All-On-X treatment. Call our Caldwell office at NJ Center for Oral Surgery Phone Number 973-226-8444 or our Florham Park office at Florham Park Office (North Tower) Phone Number 973-261-8444 to schedule an appointment and learn if you qualify.

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Ready to complete your smile? Call our Caldwell office at NJ Center for Oral Surgery Phone Number 973-226-8444, or our Florham Park office at Florham Park Office (North Tower) Phone Number 973-261-8444 to schedule an appointment. At NJ Center for Oral Surgery, our oral surgeons have the skills and expertise needed to help you save and maintain your oral health. 

Our team in Caldwell and Florham Park is dedicated to helping you get the care you need in the surrounding Newark areas such as Morristown, Springfield, and Little Falls, NJ. We look forward to hearing from you!

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