NJ Center for Oral Surgery

Dr. Kirsch awarded Best of Caldwell Dentist

Congratulations to Dr. Kirsch on being recognized in his local community for his excellence in patient care..

Facelift at the Caldwell Office

While there was nothing wrong with the decor or condition of our Caldwell office, we thought it made sense to have similar colors and vibe as our new Florham Park location.  So introducing you to our Caldwell office…….

Check out photos of our new office in Florham Park, New Jersey

We finally got around to having a professional take photos of the office.  We  designed our offices to represent us and the care we provide as clean, modern, comfortable, thoughtful and respectful.

Join us a the Caldwell Street Fair October 6th 12-5pm

We have lots of free swag to give out while supplies last.  Look for our table near the Cloverleaf Restaurant.

Passing out at the doctors!

I often hear from patients that “I faint when I get blood taken.”  My response is always the same.  There is no better place to pass out than this office.  We can wait till you pass out then do your surgery.  LOL!  

But seriously folks…. every member of our staff (including non-clinical) is certified by the American Red Cross as a Basic Life Support Provider.  In addition, all our surgical and anesthesia assistants have passed the rigorous Dental Anesthesia Assistant National Examination.  Our surgeons are hold certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Advanced Pediatric Life Support.

So come by and pass out anytime, we’ve got you covered!  

Is there such a thing as “bloodless” surgery?

The simple answer is YES!.  Often referred to as “bloodless surgery,” laser procedures usually involve less bleeding than conventional surgery.   Dr. Kirsch and Dr. Jacobs have performed thousands of laser procedures in which there is no bleeding whatsoever.  The heat generated by the laser immediately seals off blood vessels.  Laser procedures cause less pain, less swelling, often heal faster and take less time to perform than traditional scalpel procedures that require stitches.  

We are trying something new…….

We would like to introduce the NJ Center for Oral Surgery Blog.  Our hope is to be informative and also somewhat entertaining.  We are really not sure what will be posted, or when or if anyone will really care.  But what the heck.