NJ Center for Oral Surgery Covid-19 Response

The NJ Center for Oral Surgery has always put the safety and health of our patients and community above all else.  In keeping with this long standing tradition, we will be open and available to treat patient emergencies during these challenging times.  We are in the unique position to provide definitive emergency care to patients in our office reducing the number of hospital emergency room visits that will further stress our country’s healthcare delivery system.

The NJ Center for Oral Surgery fully embraces leading the local dental community through this pandemic.  Feel free to place our practice name and telephone number 973-226-8444 on your outgoing message if you would like us to cover your office during this State of Emergency.

Our office hours and patient flow has been modified to reduce the time and number of contacts a patient has with non-essential staff and other patients.

Some of these strategies include:

Obtaining temperatures on staff twice a day and patients upon arrival.

Screening patients as per CDC recommendations and protocols.

Requiring patients to complete online registration before coming to office.

Patients call our office from their cars when they arrive and are brought directly to their surgical operatory rather than the waiting room.

Postponing all elective surgeries and consultations.

A patient’s ride waits in their vehicle during surgery.

Common areas are disinfected several times per day.

Treatment rooms are completely disinfected between patients as we have always done.

If you have any questions feel free to reach to us at [email protected]

Yours Truly,

Michael H. Kirsch, DDS and Benjamin Jacobs, DMD



TEL. 973.226.8444

FAX. 973.226.7876




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