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Full Arch Teeth-In-A-Single-Day surgery by Dr. Michael Kirsch

In this example, the time from beginning upper jaw surgery to the time the patient left the office with his new upper teeth was about four hours.   We performed extraction of the teeth, placement of the dental implants and minor bone grafting under local anesthesia with Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas).  The patient drove himself home.  […]

Dr. Michael Kirsch earns Top NJ Dentist – Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon for 8th consecutive year!

Life transforming same day treatment – extractions, placement of dental implants and temporary teeth.

Patient exhibiting bone loss and teeth susceptible to cavities.   Xray of patient CT guided implant surgery Teeth extracted and implants placed the same day.   Temporary full arch teeth showing screw access holes. Teeth inserted with lips pulled back.   Natural smile. Make An Appointment Thank you for choosing our Practice. Please complete the […]

Same day dental implant replacement of fracture front tooth

Fracture left center incisor Implant placed same day as extraction Final crown