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Treatment of congenitally missing lateral incisors in growing patient.

Dr. Kirsch has developed surgical techniques and treatment protocols for managing congenitally missing teeth in the growing patient.  Typically, dental implants are placed in the jaws after someone has stopped growing.   Removable appliances such as retainers with fake teeth are troublesome for most kids as they must be removed during meals.  The photos show before and after the placement of temporary implants  with bone grafting.  The temporary crowns were placed the same day.  Eventually, these implants will be replaced with permanent implants once the patient has stopped growing.

Before bone grafting and temporary implants

Temporary crowns placed same day.

NJ Center for Oral Surgery Covid-19 Response

The NJ Center for Oral Surgery has always put the safety and health of our patients and community above all else.  In keeping with this long standing tradition, we will be open and available to treat patient emergencies during these challenging times.  We are in the unique position to provide definitive emergency care to patients in our office reducing the number of hospital emergency room visits that will further stress our country’s healthcare delivery system.

The NJ Center for Oral Surgery fully embraces leading the local dental community through this pandemic.  Feel free to place our practice name and telephone number 973-226-8444 on your outgoing message if you would like us to cover your office during this State of Emergency.

Our office hours and patient flow has been modified to reduce the time and number of contacts a patient has with non-essential staff and other patients.

Some of these strategies include:

Obtaining temperatures on staff twice a day and patients upon arrival.

Screening patients as per CDC recommendations and protocols.

Requiring patients to complete online registration before coming to office.

Patients call our office from their cars when they arrive and are brought directly to their surgical operatory rather than the waiting room.

Postponing all elective surgeries and consultations.

A patient’s ride waits in their vehicle during surgery.

Common areas are disinfected several times per day.

Treatment rooms are completely disinfected between patients as we have always done.

If you have any questions feel free to reach to us at [email protected]

Yours Truly,

Michael H. Kirsch, DDS and Benjamin Jacobs, DMD



TEL. 973.226.8444

FAX. 973.226.7876




Lower jaw same day teeth by Dr. Benjamin Jacobs


      Dr. Jacobs completed the removal of all the lower teeth and placed four implants in 65 minutes.  Dr. Steve Cohen was on site in our office to fabricate and insert the teeth.  

Replacing Molar Tooth with Dental Implants

Unfortunately, not all teeth can be successfully restored and extraction is necessary.  The good news is that replacing molar teeth with a dental implant is successful 98% of the time.  Often times we are able to extract the tooth and place a dental implant at the same visit.  This technique takes advantage of the body’s natural bone healing that takes place following tooth removal and allows the patient to receive their tooth much sooner.  This treatment was completed by Dr. Michael Kirsch in 30 minutes under local anesthesia and the patient returned to work the following day.

Fractured 2nd molar

Implant placed same visit as tooth extraction.


Full Arch Teeth-In-A-Single-Day surgery by Dr. Michael Kirsch

In this example, the time from beginning upper jaw surgery to the time the patient left the office with his new upper teeth was about four hours.   We performed extraction of the teeth, placement of the dental implants and minor bone grafting under local anesthesia with Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas).  The patient drove himself home.  What the before and after photos do not show are the hours of planning and coordination between the oral surgeon (Dr. Michael Kirsch), restorative dentist (Dr. Joseph DalBon) and laboratory (Kuwata Pan).   If the teeth are missing and no extractions are needed the treatment time is typically three hours.  Most patients are back to work in two days with minimal swelling.  Pain is typically managed with a combination of over-the-counter Motrin and Tylenol.




Life transforming same day treatment – extractions, placement of dental implants and temporary teeth.

Patient exhibiting bone loss and teeth susceptible to cavities.


Xray of patient

CT guided implant surgery

Teeth extracted and implants placed the same day.


Temporary full arch teeth showing screw access holes.

Teeth inserted with lips pulled back.


Natural smile.

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